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Humbled Hearts Ministries, Inc., is a not-for-profit (501c3) organization designated for Substance Abuse and Recovery services.  This ministry was birthed from St. John Praise and Worship Center located in Pulaski, Illinois, but is separate in purpose and function from the church.  
In collaboration with other local substance abuse agencies, we offer services to any individual or family to help them recover from substance abuse and/or dependence.  We believe that the recovery process goes beyond the last drink or the last drug.  Persistence, patience and personal contact have been proven to help persons who have the desire to become alcohol and substance free.  
Recovery services and activities are open to all, regardless of religious affiliation or beliefs.



Dr. Larry T. Barnett, Sr.

Dr. Larry T. Barnett, Sr., is the CEO and founder of Humbled Hearts Ministries, Inc.  God inspired and envisioned this man to begin a program of Recovery for people suffering with addictions.  Dr. Barnett believes without a shadow of doubt that through faith and the teachings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ, the addict will not only claim “recovery” but “deliverance”.
Dr. Barnett worked in the field of Education (both as a classroom educator and as a school administrator) for over 25 years before retiring to full time ministry.  God has also placed on his heart to build a 90 day post treatment center for individuals after they have completed the rehabilitation process. 
His dedication and commitment to the healing of people with addictions is the heart and soul of this faith-based organization for recovery.




Board Chair:  Dr. Larry T. Barnett, Sr.
Secretary/Treasurer:  Joann Pink


Carol J. Barnett
Dr. Jesse Webb
Edward Tucker, Sr.
Dr. Sandra Jackson
Joann Pink


Humbled Hearts Ministries:   Carol J. Barnett
Bridges to Recovery Support Group:   Joann Pink
Life Skills:   Chambers & Associates, LLC
Mentoring Program:  Chambers & Associates, LLC


Humbled Hearts Ministries, Inc. provides a number of services for persons in recovery.  These services are geared to help individuals and families recover from substance abuse and/or dependence.  Services available are:

Bridges to Recovery Support Group

Bridges offers to anyone who is in recovery or a co-dependent of someone in recovery, non-judgmental encouragement, support and the resources that they may need to be successful during this transition of life.  Bridges meetings are held every Tuesday evening at 6pm – 7pm in the Fellowship Hall at the St. John Praise & Worship Center, 371 North Chestnut Street, Pulaski, IL.

Life Skills Workshops for Youth

Youth focused programs that include “life building” skills; classes that have been proven to build strong, healthy youth.  Some of the areas are Change, Self Esteem Building, Job Preparation Skills, and others.

Vocational Training and Support


Recovery Support Workshops




Contact Us

Humbled Hearts Ministries, Inc.
P. O. Box 66
371 North Chestnut Street
Pulaski, IL  62976
618.342.6061 fax
Email contacts:
Humbled Hearts Ministries, Inc.:
Founder & CEO – Larry T. Barnett:
Joann Pink, Secretary/Treasurer:
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